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What is Bio-NMR?

Bio-NMR is a project financed by the European Commission’s Framework Programme 7 (FP7) that aims to further the structuring of the Biological NMR infrastructures, their user community and biological NMR research in Europe into a coherent research community prepared to tackle scientific and biomedical challenges of increasing complexity at the forefront of research worldwide.

Bio-NMR involves a comprehensive group of top NMR research infrastructures (RI) providing access in Europe and related stakeholders.

Bio-NMR completely subsidizes access by European scientists of the instrumentation and expertise available at the partner infrastructures. Please click here for further information on how to apply.



Transnational Access

To provide geographically balanced and coordinated access – amounting to more than 4200 instrument days - to excellent biomedical research projects requiring top/unique NMR instrumentation and expertise, provided by major facilities in the field of biological NMR in Europe.



To strengthen the contribution of Bio-NMR to the European research community as a whole and its technology and knowledge transfer capabilities.

To raise public awareness about the Bio-NMR consortium as a major and important integrated European Research Infrastructure (RI).

To liaise with public authorities, structural biologists, biologists at large, the health sector, industries and funding authorities, in collaboration with other European Structural Biology projects and RIs, in order to explore the long-term sustainability of the Bio-NMR European RI.





Joint Research Activities

To address present bottlenecks and limitations in the capability of NMR to solve structures. JRAs will include studies aimed at improving sensitivity per unit time and per single experiment; developing non-invasive in-cell NMR methodologies for structural systems biology; methods for structure determination by solid-state NMR; and NMR technology towards large macromolecular complexes or aggregates, both in solid and liquid states.

To integrate, in a pro-active and timely manner, the results of such research activities into the portfolio of the infrastructures to improve the quality and quantity of access during the project.


JRA1: High-sensitivity DNP and fast NMR in solids and solution

JRA2: In-cell NMR towards structural systems biology

JRA3: Improving biomolecular structure determination by solid-state NMR

JRA4: Improving biomolecular structure determination of large, functional systems

Focus On

Available Pulse Sequences

FMP MAS-NMR Pulse Program Library and Setup tools: click here

Free consultancy service!

Free consultations and services to the NMR and structural biology communities in the EU member states and associated countries. Services are for free only for non-profit institutes. Read more

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