Access to NMR

Transnational Access (TA) activities

will coordinate a strong and comprehensive group of NMR Research Infrastructures to strengthen, increase and optimise access to biological NMR for researchers in the ERA that have a geographically balanced distribution and are adequate to ensure that the supply of access matches estimated demand. The RIs CERM, BMRZ, UU, RALF-NMR, FVB, ETHZ, MU, UOXF.AL, SLONMR, UBham and UGOT will provide the users with access to the highest field spectrometers. In addition, scientific, technical and logistic support is offered according to their needs. The Objectives of TA:

  • To provide NMR measurement time (4222 instrument days for 184 projects) and disseminate scientific expertise to European users through TA for the structure determination of biomolecules or the elucidation of their macromolecular complexes, respectively.

  • To respond to the needs of the broader structural biological, biological and industrial communities.

  • To elevate the level and quantity of services available for users all across Europe.


Geographical distribution of access providers

The determination of the structure and dynamics of proteins is provided at all eleven sites.