NMR for Health in Europe

NMR for Health in Europe – a Bio-NMR workshop

March 21, 2014

Czech Liaison Office for Research, Development and Innovation (CZELO) - KoWi meeting room
Rue du Trône 98 - Brussels, Belgium

The Bio-NMR consortium provides to the European Biomedical community the possibility of accessing world-class NMR Infrastructures for Biomedical Research. In the last decades the potentialities of the NMR techniques have improved dramatically, and nowadays NMR can address the needs of many fundamental fields of research even beyond structural biology.
We are firmly convinced that the European BioNMR community can give a substantial contribution in addressing some of the challenges that European research has to face to realize the next generation of sustainable health care.

Establishing networks with key stakeholders is one of the strategic goals of Bio-NMR, being necessary to make the technological platform of Bio-NMR and its potential for biomedical and pharmaceutical research, known not only to individual researchers in these fields but also to large organizations.

Aiming at developing synergies between Bio-NMR and health organizations, a one-day workshop „NMR for Health in Europe” will be held in Brussels on March 21, 2014. Beside health organizations representatives, national health and research ministries representatives will be present, to explore potentialities for cooperation which could be included in the Bio-NMR future plans for giving a substantial contribution to realize the next generation of sustainable health care.  

The program of the workshop is available here