Joint Research Activities (JRAs)

Improve the quality and quantity of access.

The objectives of JRAs:

  • To address present bottlenecks and limitations in the capability of NMR to solve structures. JRAs will include studies aimed at improving sensitivity per unit time and per single experiment; developing non-invasive in-cell-NMR methodologies for structural systems biology; methods for structure determination by solid-state NMR; and NMR technology towards large macromolecular complexes or aggregates, both in solid and liquid states.
  • To integrate, in a pro-active and timely manner, the results of such research activities into the portfolio of the infrastructures to improve the quality and quantity of access during the project.



JRA 1: High-sensitivity DNP and fast NMR in solids and solution
JRA 2: In cell-NMR towards structural systems biology
JRA 3: Improving biomolecular structure determination by solid-state NMR
JRA 4: Improving biomolecular structure determination of large, functional systems