JRAs outcome

Outcomes of Joint Research Activities have been reported in the deliverables listed below.

In the newsletters 03/12 and 10/13 the lists of resulting publications for the first (M1-M18) and second  (M19-M36) periods are available

For any information please contact the Bio-NMR project office: bionmrtomtecerm.unifi.it

JRA1 - High-sensitivity DNP and fast NMR in solids and solution

  • Reports on the use and potential ofradical-based, fast-dissolution DNP for protein NMR studies
  • Report on innovative nD NMR excitation methods and pulse sequences
  • Report on optimization of DNP applied to solid systems
  • GUI-based software to enable very-fast and ultrafast 2D acquisitions
  • Reports on the potential of liquid-state DNP NMR methods

JRA2 - In cell-NMR towards structural systems biology

  • Protocols for the investigation of nucleic acids by in-cell NMR
  • Protocols for structure calculation using in-cell NMR data
  • Protocols for the use of different cell lines in in-cell NMR experiments
  • Protocols for the investigation of intrinsically unstructured proteins by in-cell NMR
  • Protocols for the sensitivity enhancement of in-cell NMR by DNP and other methods
  • JRA3 - Improving biomolecular structure determination by solid-state NMR

  • Suite of multidimensional NMR experiments involving 1H
  • Evaluation of the impact of different isotopic labeling strategies
  • Multi-dimensional correlation experiments for assignment of larger proteins
  • Structure determination of paramagnetic proteins
  • Testing and establishment of optimal isotopic labeling strategies
  • NMR sequences for resonance assignment, efficient decoupling, and polarization
  • Procedures for measurement and analysis of motional ssNMR data

JRA4 - Improving biomolecular structure determination of large, functional systems