Networking Activities (NA)

Spread good practices and standardization within the Bio-NMR users to continuously improve the quality and quantity of access.

Increase the role of the Bio-NMR project and its positive impact on the ERA of Life Sciences and, through it, on society. Networking activities will be targeted to all relevant stakeholders, ranging from scientists, to scientific and health communities, to industries, and society as a whole.


The objectives of NA:

  • To strengthen the contribution of Bio-NMR to the European research community as a whole and its technology and knowledge transfer capabilities.

  • To raise public awareness about the Bio-NMR consortium as a major and important integrated European Research Infrastructure (RI).

  • To liaise with public authorities, biologists at large, the health sector, industries and funding authorities in collaboration with other European Structural Biology projects and RIs, in order to explore the long-term sustainability of the Bio-NMR European RI.


The successful deployment of networking activities during the project is crucial for its success. These activities involve several “circles” of stakeholders

  • The inner circle is represented by the consortium itself, its users, and other scientists developing NMR methodologies

  • The intermediate circle includes the biomedical community and structural biologists

  • The outer circle includes health communities, industries, public authorities and society as a whole