Spreading NMR

Spreading NMR

The BioNMR project still offers the possibility to fund further visits by experts from the BioNMR consortium to external sites to help spread NMR know-how and the implementation of advanced techniques to other NMR labs in Europe or to show how NMR can help non-specialists to solve their problems and encourage extended use of the large scale facilities.

Typically an expert from a BioNMR consortium member will visit an external laboratory for discussion/lectures/hands-on training on a mutually agreed subject. If convenient, the visit from the BioNMR member can be complemented by a short training period in a BioNMR laboratory and/or by applications as a user of the large-scale facilities.

The University of Barcelona coordinates the activity. Interested groups can contact Miquel Pons - mponstomteub.edu - or directly the BioNMR groups that would be asked to contribute its expertise.

The visits are to be performed before the formal termination of the BioNMR project in August 2014.

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