EU-NMR European Network of Research Infrastructures for
providing Access and Technological Advancements in bio-NMR
EU-NMR Workshop

NMR to solve biological problems
An opportunity to meet the European Biological Community

July 3rd 2008, from 14.00 to 18.00
The Megaron Athens International Conference Centre (Athens, Greece)


This satellite meeting is intended to present the opportunities provided by NMR today to the broad biological community. The most relevant opportunity is that biologists can exploit the european program which provides access to EUNMR research infrastructures (


Welcoming - Ivano Bertini, CERM, Italy
Who we are - Harald Schwalbe, BMRZ, Germany
Protein structure and dynamics - Claudio Luchinat, CERM, Italy
The world of RNA and interactions with proteins - Harald Schwalbe, BMRZ, Germany
Structure and dynamics in gene regulation and DNA repair - Rolf Boelens, SONNMR, The Netherlands
Metal-mediated protein-protein interactions - Lucia Banci, CERM, Italy
In cell NMR - Volker Doetsch, BMRZ, Germany
Modeling protein-protein interactions - Alexandre Bonvin, SONNMR, The Netherlands
Solid state NMR - Lyndon Emsley, RALF-NMR, France
Metabolomics for cancer diagnosis and profiling - Ulrich Guenther, UNI BHAM, United Kingdom

Financial support

Financial support will be provided to the first 50 registered participants to cover the extra expenses related to participation to the meeting (dinner + one extra night in the hotel - maximum rates are those indicated in the web site of the conference).
If you are interested please send an e-mail to:

The workshop will be held in the main conference center where the 33rd FEBS Congress will take place:
The Megaron Athens International Conference Centre
Vas. Sofias & Kokkali,
115 21 Athens, Greece

If you are interested in participating, you should register here.

There is no registration fee for attending the meeting.

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